Antivirus [Resolved]

I’ve signed up for the antivirus program and I received my activation code, however the download link just takes me back to the signup page. Maybe its my browser (Opera) or I’m I missing some link to download the antivirus. Thanks.

… Another question. Once I get CAV installed will I then have 2 icons (firewall-antivirus) in my toolbar or will I be able to merge them into 1, similar to Avast? Thanks again.

Hey Justin,

You’ll end up with just one icon in your system tray - its called Comodo Launch Pad and you can access any installed Comodo applications from there.

Try doing the download using Internet Explorer, rather than Opera. I would have thought it would still work using Opera, but funnier things have happened.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Welcome to the forums.

No luck with IE either !

Hi Justin,

Are you having any firewall software or any popup blocker in your system?

I’ve tried IE, Firefox and Opera. Left click on the download now link ( it immediately takes me right back to the sign up page. I don’t believe any popup blockers would be causing this as I haven’t had any problems with downloading any programs. If I right click to save target to desktop it tries saving as a htm. file and not .exe !

I downloaded it from MajorGeeks.

Hey Justin,

Why not try downloading it Here if you still can’t download it then try with Internet Explorer. But you should be able to download it from here,



P.S. Kinda weird having the same name…

Thanks for the link. Got in installed and running.

Wonderful, be sure to update the version to 1.1 because that link only downloads the version im afraid.

Issue has been resolved so I have marked it approprietly :slight_smile: