Antivirus programs in different countries

Hi everyone. Just after your thoughts. Would you say some antivirus programs would be better than others in certain Countries? e.g. Would the program work better in the Country it is made, or made no difference at all?
Thanks to you all and Kind regards.

I wanna say some small security provider was taking care more for Local user. And they said they’re superior in Englisht site because they’re trusted in their country. (How pitiful. :P)

So users around the world right to choose trusted and good security provider by their opinion.

Note : I won’t give that’s company name.
Note2 : There was no “trust-able” Antivirus software in my country.

in Indonesia, some local AVs is better in terms of detection & cleaning local viruses.
this one for example:

in China,wo have the 瑞星、金山、江民 and 360 ……

But their detection rate is not as effective as Avast, Avira, MSE and so on. I tried Rising before but it disappointed me because it created many unused files in my drive C…

I think malware is global.
Although some antivirus be more protective on some specific malware families in some countries.
A good protection system works (should work) in all countries.

Indeed it is true that vendors are doing this.

  1. They have localized version of the gui, meaning native language.
  2. Some seem to be focused on malware in their native region which makes them work better in their native countries (for example having a very high detection rate for keyloggers common in that country)
  3. People there are not aware of free or paid alternatives like avast and comodo.
  4. People want to buy license for paid alternatives but do not know how because there are no resellers in the country. For example comodo and avast is not common in china and most asia pacific countries
  5. Local people wants to save time, they just use anti-viruses bundled with their oem machines.

Hope comodo and avast (2 of my favourite companies ;D) will go global.

The company that I mention was.

  1. You’re right. But their release English and other language version. But this antivirus program was very poor compared with others. And other free service (And program) are not available for user outsite their country.

  2. I was asked some native user. He said it’s horrible and other free product is better, Most local users didn’t know about freeware (Like Avira,AVG,Avast,Comodo)yet.

  3. The user paid for. And the company is trying to discrediting free product (Like Symantec say to free AV). But in reality their product was local and not really care for global sale and services. (This unlike Symantec that’s most user known)

  4. Other big AV company has reseller in their local country. But their local company said it’s “Foreign”.

  5. I’m not sure. But I’ve read some comments in this program review. they said It can’t protect and completely remove malware. And Can’t install it.

Note: I’m Asian and I’m using Comodo. Ans i’m happy with it. (Except when my program was sandboxed and unusable at that time.)

well the internet is global so i would assume that malware is too!!
call me stupid if you will but i wasnt aware that malware took on a multi-national look.
you cannot for example have a german rootkit or a spanish exploit…etc etc.
i hope i make myself clear here.
malware is malware .


There is no such security that can protect you 100%
and the security that will be able to remove (“acid clean”) all infection will never be developed. You need to use special Utilities for that in many (most ? :slight_smile: ) cases
We need to change a paradigm of how any code … (I mean any ) being delivered to our computers (long & different story) That is not happening currently.