Antivirus product self-protection test #2 AM Test Lab (Norton beats Comodo)

Antivirus product self-protection test #2 from Anti-Malware Test Lab

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 (100%)
DrWeb Security Space 6.0 (99%)
Online Solutions Security Suite 1.5 (97%)
Outpost Security Suite Pro 2010 (97%)
Norton Internet Security 2010 (91%)
Avast! Internet Security 5.0 (91%)
Comodo Internet Security 4.1 (89%)

Test results (September 28, 2010)

Detailed Тест самозащиты антивирусов, сравнение антивирусов (сентябрь 2010) - Тесты и сравнения антивирусов -

LOL norton beats COMODO again :o

Self-protection is important, undetected rootkits can attack the AV.

regardless of the presence of sandbox, it should be fixed, as some application refuses to be sandboxed,
and some application needs the administrator privilege.

Biased because:

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011
Norton Internet Security 2010
Comodo Internet Security 4.1
Still we got gold, man… :wink:

So is biased because Comodo did not release Comodo v5 before? jajajajajajaja so funny. Take a look to the ending date of the test, probably they started the test before Comodo v5 was released.

I’m almost sure that if they test again Comodo v5 will score the same, if comodo is really interested in fix this they should talk with Anti-Malware Test Lab to get the samples, fix the problems and make a request for another test.

Russian testing org making russian products perfect, what’s the problem? O0
I’m not that good with dates, but was CIS 5 released before october 2010?
And I would bet NIS2011 was released before october?
I will check out now

EDIT: on: 14-09-2010, 10:39:07
Hello Everyone,

We are very excited to announce that COMODO Internet Security 2011, COMODO Antivirus 2011 and COMODO Firewall 2011 have just been released!;msg434418#msg434418
Date: Wednesday, September 08, 2010
Norton Internet Security 2011

So, they were released on time… :wink:

And? do you know when they started the test?

Test finished September 28, 2010…
They started probably 26 february 2007? 88)
They had time… >:-D

Probably? xD jajaja first be sure.

BTW maybe Norton was release 14/9 but Norton always have his product finished almost 15 days before the release date (just like microsoft does with windows) and as far as I know they offer this new version even is has not been released for testing purposes, at least they did that with AVComparatives.

I dont care if the russian av looks good or not, but according to this test Comodo can be killed/disabled by malware, that’s all I care.

What is the again bit?

Who cares? Those are old versions while they used 2011 of russian KIS and Dr. WEB. 88)
Test with 2011 of CIS and NIS…

I never saw malware kills CIS…

well if you care ok, but I dont care how CIS scores in this test or if is biased or not, the test shows that CIS can by “disabled” for me the only important thing is see the problem fixed.

Version tested: 4.1
Version Current: 5

Why don’t you try to disable it yourself?
I test CIS every day with 20+ MDL and not single one managed to disable/kill it. If i find one, I will post it so it can be fixed.

Who knows how they configured it or responded to any potential alerts? Still, old version.

I’m sure that the difference in self protection btw cis 4.1 and 5 is very little.

I don’t care how they configured, it’s the Comodo team who has to ask them what they did and how, and if really there is a problem fix it.

If I remember well a similar test was released in February this year, Comodo 4 scored with the same result they have had since february to september to fix the problem… and they problem is still there.

Show me

I care how they configured and/or used the product. It was not a comodo requested test, so they don’t HAVE TO ask them anything…

Care to share the report and what the problem was and a topic that it is still not fixed?

If they dont ask anything they will never fix the bugs, this is the easy way, ignore your fails. I wonder why do your think in this way.

Care to share the report and what the problem was and a topic that it is still not fixed?
This same topic will serve you as an example in a few months.

If you think there’s a bug that needs fixing…

It will probably get buried some pages behind…

You are so funny, I dont have access to the information that comodo requires to fix the problems indicated in the test, only comodo can, but I guess that you already knew that, don’t you?

If that problem is till present in v5, it should be fixed.
If the problem was fixed, this thread/test is pointless.

Only a dev could answer the question, is this [bug/exploit] still present in v5?
My guess is that it is fixed. BETA was a long process and product is very stable so far, I don’t believe they would miss something like this prior to release.

Well, let’s wait if any dev comes here.

If CIS V5 is vulnerable to the same attacks then it is a problem.

If Defense+ alerts were allowed during the testing and then parts of CIS were disabled then I believe this would still be a failure, right? CIS should always protect “itself” regardless of what the user does.

If I remember correctly, CIS V4 was vulnerable to scripts that were run through safe applications. In fact I believe it was MRG that used this vulnerability to uninstall CIS V4. That has been fixed in V5, so hopefully that was the source of the failure.