antivirus pc 2009

One of my recent full system virus/malware scans turned up an infection by an item called: antivirus pc 2009.
If anyone has any experience with this threat, what is it and how do i rid my system of it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What scanners did you try already? Which ones did detect it but could not remove it?

Malwarebytes detected it. I used the same program to quarantine it. So far Comodo has only picked it up once. All following scans have come up clean. I’m a little familiar with malware and its my experience that its never easy to get rid of.

Does this tutorial from Bleeping Computer bring a solution: Remove Antivirus PC 2009 (Uninstall Guide) .

Comodo defence+ didnt alert u about this fake antivirus…it should have alerted…did u select it to allow the file??..Comodo must have placed it in untrusted gropup or partially limited…didnt it?

No Comodo didn’t find it. This is prolly due to the fact that i ran MalwareBytes 1st then had MalwareBytes remove the files. You called it a “fake antivirus”, do you mean that its not a real threat? I have not noticed any pc related changes since i found the ‘walware’ files or after i removed them.

Fake anti viruses are usually a threat to person’s wallet as they will try to trick you to believe you are infected where you are not, Then they tell you to buy their product to clean your computer.

<-----The above page helped a great deal. Thank you!

Thats sad to hear comodo defence+ didnt catch it…

Its known to catch almost 99% unknown malware… :cry:

Based on the OP’s first post I assume he has found some ‘inactive’ files, antivirus pc 2009 sounds like a fake AV, and that one should be full in your face.
The way he wrote this he found ‘a’ file with a full scan, that doesn’t sound like an active infection to me.

If theirs don’t do the trick spybot works well at taking this fake antiviruse out what you do is reboot into safe mode by hitting the f8 button on boot. Once in run spybot full sweep it will take it out of your computer and out of your system restore. I have worked a lot with this company and their software it works well against this trojan.