Antivirus on Windows 8

“Though we haven’t fully tested Windows Defender in Windows 8 yet, we have tested Microsoft Security Essentials, which uses the same antimalware engine as Windows Defender.”

My friend did. He scanned a lot of malware so the scanning took a week! No joke! LOL! It is thorough but boy it wins a prize for the most slow AV scan.

you may prefer to install on of the better-performing free antivirus programs offered by AVG, Avast, Panda, and Avira. Or for superior protection and more features, consider buying antivirus protection from one of the top vendors: G Data, Symantec (Norton), Bitdefender, or Kaspersky.

I don’t agree that paid products offer superior protection all the time. CIS is free and from seeing reviews by languy, winsevenholic, rynesandbergfan23 , and Malware doctor on youtube. CIS performs just as well as the paid products, soetimes better. These testers can be found on youtube.

100% agree. It’s all brainwashed marketing campaign to make money. I remember when I was buying my new laptop in a major PC shop. After some talk with one assistant about my new laptop. The guy goes to me “So you use free security”? I say: “Yes”. He started laughing and saying it won’t protect you at all. He goes “Norton is the one which can protect you buy it”. At that point I feel like walking out from the PC shop. But I was too keen on that laptop. I go I just need a laptop seriously. That’s the problem today.

I trust rynesandbergfan23 , and Malware doctora lot more tha PCmag and PC world. PC world seems to be biased assuming paid products always provide better protection, which is true is some cases, but in other cases such as CIS, Avast with personal of comodo firewalls. are just as good. Now if I were a novice user, I probably would believe them, but if the novice user does research on free vs paid and combo’s of free products to get same level of security. you would probably stop trusting some labs.

I trust Comodo and youtube guys that’s it LOL! That’s what I wanted to say in my experience above. If newbie goes to buy PC he would believe that only paid security can protect you. I agree. Problem is to stop believing this marketing. People do believe in lies and often even fight for them. CIS level of protection is by far much superior than any other paid security product on the market today why? DD :slight_smile: Oh let’s not start with labs. It’s all pay money, we add what you missed and look good.