Antivirus Multithreaded?

Is the Anti-virus multithreaded?
Because it’s using 100% of all my cores. And it’s freezing up my computer when i scanning.
I need too pause sometimes because it’s lagging so much. Possible too change to two cores instead?

You can change the “affinity” in Task Manager by right clicking at the cmdagent process and changing affinity to 2.

The answer to your first question is no as I have asked egeman before. Comodo seems to think that the bottleneck re scanning is your hard drive so no need for multithreading. They have a point tho sure I agree with it but they do have one nontheless.

Yeah, there is a bit of a bottleneck with the HD I/O, but that doesn’t mean multi-threading can’t speed up a scan.

Avira can utilize multiple cores and the difference on my machine between a single and multi-thread scan is 20 minutes.

I don’t know about everybody, but a savings of 20 minutes is something I would welcome in CIS.

Likewise but try explaining that to egeman.