Antivirus is working really well!

Hi guys. I’ve past last mont trying some antivirus and suites, and really i’m aprecciating a lot CIS against other solutions. Certainly, CIS have to improve in GUI and configuration options, but it works really well. Yesterday, i tried Eset Nod32 and F-Secure. Good products, especially Nod32, but a bit slow in scanning files. I’ve downloaded two files with virus (■■■■■, keygen) and an Eicar test and Nod32 works better than F-Secure. Curiously, when i uninstalled Nod and F-Secure and back to Comodo, and opened a partition from my hard disk, immediately antivirus from Comodo opened a pop-up advertising of two virus in my partition (Eicar string and ■■■■■.zip), than i forgot to delete! Great!
Also, CIS is the only solution of all tested, that passed Eicar test succesfully in SSL download! Other solutions allow to download eicar files to my computer, but CIS blocks these! Great job.

Thanks . Keep on improving this amazing suite!

Best regards

Miguel Angel

I don’t want to burst your bubble, but…;msg497745#msg497745

See Part 2

Well, i’m sorry… but there is no antivirus 100% perfect. I had a similar issue with Avast in the past… I agree that CIS need to improve a lot of things in their AV, but actually it works well for me.

So, let me get this right. Some dummy switches off the working security on a PC to make a program install easier “forgets” to turn it back on. Said PC then gets infected and somehow this is the fault of Comodo!!!. Simplified much, I know but basically this is what you are saying.

I would like to say that as a long time Comodo user the present version is the best by far. I have never been infected and particularly like the warning Comodo gives me when I am linked to a dangerous or infected internet site. I am definitely not stupid enough to turn off my security and blame it for any ensuing problems I get. Man o’ Man

Well, if you had taken time to read the whole post, I wasn’t blaming Comodo for the infection, since CIS had been disabled. What I was saying was that, once infected, CAV couldn’t detect the infection. We had to clean it with SAS and MBAM! :wink:

No AV will find everything. I do see your point but I have to think if CIS hadn’t been disabled the infection never would have happened in the first place. :wink:

No av is perfect. But a hot girls theme can make you forgive comodo for letting infection slip by. :-TU

No AV Will detect everything… MBAM & SAS Got lucky. :wink:


Talk about the antivirus when DACS and CAMAS are inserted into COMODO :-TU

thank you for your time for giving us your feedback mimuweb.

Indeed our AntiVirus has matured into a great product. With Auto Sandboxing and D+ it has become a rock solid fortress to protect you. CIS protects clean PCs so that they stay clean.

CCE is the product that is built for “infected” computers.

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