antivirus is tested by


You should work for the antivirus is tested by, thus giving greater credibility to the product.

Thank you.

Why do you think that might give greater credibility.

Please read this topic might explain why not;msg567092#msg567092

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Sorry for my lack of information, and I’m wondering how the end user, these days, the user prior to installing antivirus, search google for example “antivirus test”, the first site to appear is quoted here.

So to see the best antivirus nowadays being analyzed there, get a little frustrated not to see comodo because from experience I know that the “Comodo Firewall” is the best.

However in practice I see a bit Comodo fails to detect virus, then in my humble opinion of User, believe that if they rate the comodo, it was an opportunity to prove its efficiency, or in case of a bad outcome, improve.

The website mentioned is judged independently, then it would be a mistake to accept money from Comodo.

Anyway, I believe that Comodo would have more to gain than lose.