Antivirus incorrectly detected something

Hi. I’m a new user to Comodo Antivirus. When I threw a bunch of malware at it (I even downloaded a couple of P2P programs). Comodo detected bearshare.exe as a Backdoor.Rbot. Is this my computer or the antivirus?

please submit this using the submit functionality in the CAV to Comodo and pls explain that you think this is a false positive.

The malware you threw at it, if there is some that it did not detect, pls make sure to submit them also.




I am using Comodo Antivirus since 18. 6.2006 and i noticed some problems which I did not face before. Finally I managed to find the cause:

Details about program:

Build Version:
Database version:
AllowDB version:
Programes update version:

It runs on P4 XP SP2 with 512 MB Ram

Antivirus falsely recognise one .exe program as Networm.win32.Randon.n.

Same program I checked with AVG, Clam and Trendmicro and it passed all.

Biggest problem is not that it falsely detects virus but that it locks computer without warning.
Whenever I try to come to that file in explorer following screen appears:
Stop error no 0x000000E8 (0xFDE78BF0, 0xFF86EEE8, 0x0000000, 0x0000000).
When I disable Comodo (not only in menu but also in services than I can open that directory/file).

This is one of the files where it stops, there are some more. If you want I can find them also.

Hope this helps.


Hi Gy and Thanks for the Update… If you could submit all of the files that are coming up as false positives, that would be great. Also, the full release for CAV will be out this month which will have a lot of improvements and will alleviate a lot of the bugs that the Beta currently has.