antivirus i way too paranoid

one day i left it scanning my full pc (anyway i know its clean) when it finish it has detected over 17 “virus” but none of then was a real virus, i know because are reliable programs that i have used for long time, and the thread name was:
for example this 3 dll from the program winLAME (
comodo detect it in heuristic medium

and many others from reliable programs
i wan to know if this is a bug in the detection of heuristic or what is

by the way, comodo is my favorite security program ;D and i wan it to be everyone favorite

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Comodo’s AV speciality is False Positives. Get used to it until they work it up.
Don’t forget to always choose Quarantine, to avoid the risk of loosing something essential like a system file.

Please report any false positives from CIS in this topic (only if you are SURE they are false positives). You can also submit suspicious files (and false positives as well) here. :slight_smile:

ok i add it page to my bookmark to send files anytime i get a false positive