antivirus hangs in smart scan

i have window7 64bit ,5Gb ram and comodo CIS 5.12.256249.2599 (virus sig version 17968 ) .i have used comodo for years .this problem has started few months ago.
whenever i start a virus scan in smart scan mode ,it stuck in between and never finishes .whenever i hit abort button nothing happens .when i kill this task from task manager ,i get the error "insufficient system resources " and comodo cis just closes off.
last time i smart scanned it stuck on "HLM…/classes/typelib " .my ram & proc usage was normal and i can do other stuff while scan was going on without any hiccups.

nobody care to answer :cry: or they don’t have an answer . 88)

The reason most probably is 5.12 is rather out of date, yes I still use it on one computer :slight_smile:

If you want to try the latest version CIS 7 link below only on the Forum for now.;msg745301#msg745301


i don’t like the view of new comodo ,it’s confusing. moreover my current CIS updater never asked for any upgrade ,so i thought it will work the same as new one. it says “your product is currently up-to-date”.

just received the update notification from the updater to update to Version 7.0.315459.4132 .doing it right now.