Antivirus GUI peculiarities

After scanning my computer there are various results reported on various partitions.

  1. The button SAVE disregards what I have checked. It saves as text everything that has been found regardless of the selection box AND IN ADDITION it saves everything that has already been added to exclusions - both the immediately preceding exclusions and also any exclusions that have been established on previous days.

  2. The button SAVE would be far more useful on the menu that lists exclusions.
    When I have excluded all the “safe” stuff, and realise I forgot to SAVE first, it seems I have to cancel one of the excluded items from the exclusion list so that it will be found as I again scan my computer, and then after wasting another 2 hours of my life I once more get a result that allows me to have a SAVE button.

  3. I have “virus results” reported for NTFS and also FAT32 partitions on both my internal hard drive and also my external USB connected Hard Drive.
    Why are external partitions F:\ and G:\ erroneously reported as C:0\ and C:1\ respectively ?
    Computer Management shows my external hard drive as Drive 2 with partitions in this order :-

J:\ Fat32   K:\ Ntfs   F:\ Ntfs   G:\ Fat32   *:\ Fat32   I:\ Fat32
J:\         K:\        C:0\       C1:\        Drive letters reported with viruses

Does Comodo get confused if partition letters are not in sequential order ?
Is my external drive 90 % of the way to destruction ?
Would some-one please tell me what is happening here.

NB *:\ between partitions G:\ and I:\ denotes an original drive H:\ which has had its drive letter removed to allow H:\ to be placed on the faster internal drive.