Antivirus Freeze

So I have been having a problem with AV freezes and crashing. I now have been able to narrow down the problem on my own since no one offered to help me. I narrowed the problem down to a folder on my c: drive. So I decided to zip all the files together. I deleted the individual files and keep the ~187mb zip file. After zipping the files together AV finally completed its first scan. :BNC I then unzipped and tried again. It froze. I zipped back up and it ran fine. So this folder with random files I don’t understand is the problem. Only when they are unzipped the problem arises.

So now a moderator\developer needs to tell me where to send the zip file for a evaluation. I don’t want to post the files for everyone to see just mods\developers. And I would like to be keep in the loop and told what exactly in the zip file is crashing the program. So where do I go next.

Below is the link to my crashing posts.

Hello Drew,

Nice job :-)) this way dev’s can fix it.
Can you please post your CIS version, the AV DB version you scanned it with and the OS Version/language/bit version so we have a complete post here.

I’ll send you a PM for more instructions to deliver the file(s).

3.8.64739.471 AV-#986
Xeon 64bit
XP 64bit Service Pack 2
Mozilla, Outlook, and CIS
Scan Crashes and creates windows error report.
Create a manual scan of “my computer”
I have added one advanced setting for the firewall allowing remote desktop.
I have to reboot to get AV to run again. Also locks up XP sometimes completely.
Administrator account

if it crashes and cmdagent.exe disappears then as far as i know FW and D+ are also no longer reliable working, so a reboot would be advisable right after the crash.

That is what I have been doing to restore the program. But the firewall seems to kinda work still since the arrows still flash on the tray icon with network traffic.

true but there are several components needed this one is pretty crucial though.

So I made a new folder under c: and named it aa so AV would scan it first. I then unzipped into that folder. The scan crashes almost immediately. So the files in the zip really do cause the problem wherever they are placed.

Also to hijack my own thread.
Why does the AV scan start out fast with about 57% cpu and then after ~40000 files slow to like 2% cpu and scan very slowly?
What is heuristic level in the scan settingsr? Is low or high better?

It’s easier to make a new scan profile and run a manual scan on 1 folder only that will give you more control on which files could be causing this.

My guess for the cpu scanning is that it has something to do with caching, but i’m not sure

Any word on what I am supposed to do with the bad files.