Antivirus for Windows Home Server

Come on guys, lets have an AV solution for us Home Server enthusiasts! There isn’t one half good one out there apart from AvT & they’re too expensive, too slow & too buggy, help us out eh?

what exactly do u want from an antivirus product for Windows Home Server?



Just a simple antivirus that has Console integration, so that we don’t have to log on via RDP to adjust settings, scan etc. I think firewall would be a no-no, unless it was pre-configured to allow the WHS to allow certain ports access as most machines are “headless”. can you help us oh master?

is that it?
need more requirements pls…

pls get me a lot more requirements than this, so that we can do it.

Can I participate on this?

Please do, my internet is playing up so having trouble posting anything at the moment…

i think u should buy avira virus engine rights and install it in your cis
u have great firewall and comodo virus engine +avira virus engine =zero virus
u should have a cloud scanning and faster and daily update