Antivirus for Windows 8 Phone

Does anyone know of a good antivirus for a Windows 8 Phone? Specifically I’m looking for a free one.


You dont need AV software on windows phone 8, the very nature of how it works means that it shouldnt be required. Software which is installed via the store goes through quite a lot of automated (and sometimes manual) tests to ensure there is nothing malicious present.
Also due to the way that applications running on windows phone 8 are sandboxed giving no rights to OS parts or other apps unless you specifically give access.

There`s a good right up on how it uses encryption, etc here

You still have to be aware of phishing sites though there`s not much an AV (unless it has a URL blacklist) can do about it :wink:

This is quite funny though Windows Phone Marketplace boots AVG app - CNET


Thanks, so it sounds like as long as only the app store is used there is no danger.

However, isn’t it possible to download and run an app from the internet, or is this not allowed with these phones? Sorry, I’m very new to phone OS’s.

At least with Windows Phone 7.5 you had to be a developer to get that kind of access, i.e you had to pay. So technically yes, practically… hard as hell for the average person.

I remember there being a free version but you have to have a .edu e-mail address and a lot of other stuff, I think you had to be a student too, and I live in Sweden and don’t have a .edu address so it was kind of game over there.

I tried to get it because for some reason you can’t pick a custom SMS ringtone in WP 7.5 however it could be fixed by a very simple registry edit which needed an application to be done… which need rights not granted to applications on the store which means I needed to get the developer thingy… Why Microsoft didn’t ship the bloody thing with the feature enabled I don’t know, I don’t even know if it’s fixed in WP8, wasn’t fixed in WP7.8 at least.