Antivirus Failed to Initialize

I am currently running Windows 7, and am receiving the error that the antivirus is unable to initialize. Ergo, no virus scanning. Diagnostics is unable to detect any issue. There is also McAffe running this computer that also alerts me to an issue with Comodo, but I am unable to fix it. I have tried to fix through reading forums, but all attempts fail. Am ready to chuck this product. No product should be this hard to fix and leave you defenseless.

Could you please check what your Virus Signature Database Version is.

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i also have the same problem database version is 0 when i try to update i get a not initalized error.

If your database is 0 it will not work it needs to be at least 1 or higher.

Please download the full database after this you will be able to update.

Please follow the instructions here