Antivirus engine will not initialized!

Thank You CaptainSticks. Ive already used the newer 0.3b tool. Should I use the older one?

In most situations IMO the newer tool is the better option, but in rare cases the older tool has succeeded when the newer has failed.
IMO it is worth a try.
Kind regards.

Ive finally do the following:

  1. uninstall CIS using uninstall procedure from win7 control panel
  2. use uninstall tool to clean remindings
  3. restart win7
  4. use cleaning tool again
  5. restart win7
  6. install CIS

Its working again.

In my opinion the feedback from this issue is it should be checked if “watchdog services” in Comodo works properly in such cases as it simply didnt give a user any persistent alert about not working AV engine.

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