Antivirus engine partner nictatech software?

Hello everyone,

I was just browsing the web and come across the website from nictatech they develop antivirus engine and virus signatures. I was wondering is comodo using there technology of only as a signature partner?
Becuase comodo is one of there partners.

Thanks allot.

I think that Comodo develops your AV engine. Maybe Comodo exchange technology with this parter but both of them still with your AV engine, separately.

Comodo AV engine is growing up fast and furious ;D

Got an official answer from Melih:

its a one man operation that I had utilised some years ago...

Actually, that reminded me… so I am getting in touch with him again to see if he is looking for work :slight_smile: (we have plenty files that needs analysing :wink: )


so maybe you got him some work by asking. :slight_smile: