antivirus engine not initiallized

Everytime i try to run a scan on my laptop, i get a bubble with the message “antivirus scan not initiallized”. What is this and how can i fix it, since my laptop is overdue for a scan?

Hi DoraChavez , welcome to the forum

Unfortunately you posted the request into the wrong section
This is “Verification Engine”, which is absolutely different Software

The only common word is “engine” :wink: which is only in the title, but not in the message provided. Is that a precise message? You can post an image of the latter

You have to post into the “Antivirus” section
and in addition please provide more information about your system environment:
OS & service pack; platform (32bit or x64); then your current CIS version & DB version of the AV

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p.s. sure you can wait until moderators will move the thread into appropriate section
I’ll try to notify currently available moderator

What version of CIS are you running DoraChavez? What OS are you on? Try running Diagnostics and see what it reports and if it can fix it.

Do you have other security program that are running in the background?