Antivirus Engine Not Initialized

In explorer, when I click on the right button of my mouse, I have the possibility to choose “Scan with comodo antivirus”. If I click on it I received a popup “Antivirus engine not initialized”.
Note that a scan from the antivirus panel “run a scan” works !

Today it’s working … :o
No idea why it was’nt

Hi, I have the same problem, a complete scan works fine but if i right-click on a file or folder and choose “Scan with comodo antivirus” I get the “Antivirus Engine Not Initialized” popup, this has been occurring since i installed CAV a few days ago.
Please Help!

hi bebs, after the system scan have you tried to reboot and see if it works now ?

Same problem here :(. Even re-installing CIS didn’t help. Strangely, having run CIS under the admin account, this feature started working again and then also under the limited account. Very odd ???


Not sure it is of any help. It doesn’t happen in CIS 3.9 beta though.