Antivirus engine not initialized

I have read many pages of help in this forum, and can not get this problem FIXED!!! I have version 439 installed and and it says virus database version is 0. IT will not update and I can’t run the virus scanner… no matter what I try to do to fix this.


hello. :slight_smile:

try this:

look in “c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\scanners” for ‘‘bases.cav’’
if it’s not there, go to “c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\repair” and look for “bases.cav” in there and drag that into the ‘‘scanners’’ folder.

Already done that "fix’ many times . IT DON’T WORK!!! I have uninstalled and reinstalled this program so many times in the last 4 days, and tryed every “fix” that has been posted in this forum and nothing works… I can not update the virus database or run the scanner, without getting the error (Antivirus engine not initialized)!!!..Right now in my opinion, This program (SUCKS)…untill someone can find a good FIX…


Oh just Fuducking GREAT!!! The last uninstall of this worthless program ,killed my internet connection??? I had to a system restore to fix it…I have never had so many problems with a program as this one…I’m just glad this was my (spare computer) and not my primary one… COMODO INTERNET SECURITY… is USELESS :-TD

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Not to worry, this will be my last post in this part of your forum…Comodo has some excellant programs,of which Boclean is one of them.I use it,have installed it on many computer’s and HIGHLY recommend it to others.CIS on the other hand is a whole different story…IMO Comodo has given themselves a black mark to there reputation of having some Excellant internet security products.And for the record ,the computer I was trying to install CIS on was a clean refomatted,new install of windows.The only other programs I had installed on it were,Boclean,Spywareblaster and MBAM.

Are you using a nLited or vLited install of Windows?

I’m having the same problem, only started after I installed the new version of CIS, old one was problem free. Works for a while then I start getting the Antivirus engine not initialised message.

I have tried everything I have found here but the only way to cure it is to remove then reinstall. Same scenario, works for a while then starts with the Antivirus engine not initialised message again after about a week, back to square one!

I like CIS, it’s set up and forget features but this ongoing problem is really starting to annoy me >:(

hmm, did you check if your PC is clean?
I had similar problem but my PC wasn’t clean.
My solution, had to install everything (OS, CIS, …)

same issue vista x64 i installed normally “without the AV” at first run adn then under the add remove programs i added it after and everything works normally exception context menu to do manual scans on the file i choose. and yes i have a vlited/nlited version of windows but im extremely aware of what i have taken out and most likely should have no effect on this issue although i could be wrong.