antivirus engine not initialized

I have tried to use my virus scanner on my COMODO internet security, the one that has antivirus, firewall, and defense+. When i click to update the virus database or try to initiate a scan, a little pop-up comes up that says “Antivirus Engine not Initialized” with only an ok button and no other help or explanation whatsoever.

If anyone knows how to fix this or whatever, please, please help me.

Do you mean you want to use CAV or another AV?

i was trying to use the COMODO virus scanner.

Looks like a AV database update that has gone wrong.
Can you try the following:

1 boot in safe-mode
2 copy the file bases.cav from the c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\repair folder to …\scanner
3 reboot
4 check you av db version
5 do a manual av update

Good day

I cannot run the antivirus feature to check the disks or critical areas. I am always getting this message -

‘Start failed. Antivirus engine not initialized.’

Further information …

The diagnostics utility did not find any problems with your installation.
Checking for updates gives ‘There are no updates available.’
Running ‘Update Virus Database’ gives ‘Antivirus engine not initilaized’

Pls advise


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I have moved and merge you topic.
Could you please try what Ronny suggested in the post above yours.
Thank you

I will be interested to see if you find a workable solution to this problem. It happened to me about a week ago and to cut a long story short I downloaded a new CIS from Comodo Downloads disconnected from the net and uninstalled and reinstalled CIS. Drastic I suppose but this solved my problem and now it works fine again.

I have an error for my antivirus…0x80004002 message no such interface supported, somebody please help me, and thanks

I have the same problem. I am using the new beta release. I uninstalled the prior release and installed the newest release. I also did as suggested in this thread and copied the bases.cav file. No luck. Any other ideas?

The attachment shows I have an updated virus – at least as far as the date is concerned. What additional info can I provide?
I am using WIN XP / SP3 - no other antivirus products - Comodo only, BOClean, Memory Firewall. The diagnostics utility did not find any problem with my install.

[attachment deleted by admin]

You need to uninstall CMF as it is built into the BETA.

Under Miscellaneous > About you should be showing Virus Signature Database :2
after updating.

Have you rebooted, rerun the CIS installer, reboot?

I uninstalled and reinstalled. This time it appears to work. The virus signature DB is :2

One thing I did miss was that the beta included CMF.
I don’t recall reading that anywhere.

So…you’re sure it’s safe to uninstall CMF?

Thanks for your help.

I get a bit scared when it comes to things like safe mode etc. Instead, I uninstalled comodo, & re-installed it without any joy. I still get the message ‘antivirus engine not initialised’

Any ideas?

Hello MokumHammer,

This looks like the AV database is somehow corrupt, can you check the Misc, About window and tell us what the AV Database version is ? my guess would be 0.

If so you have to boot in to safe-mode, chose Safe-Mode without network, open the file explorer and go to c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\repair and copy bases.cav to …\scanners, now reboot and see if that helped any.

This “safe-mode” won’t cause trouble, it will just start your system with a minimal driver set enabled so nothing can interfere with the system.

No joy, but I’ll keep trying - doing another re-install.

my database version is/was: 3.8.65951.477 incidently

I tried the trick in safe mode without any success

Hello Mokumhammer,

That is the product version number, the Virus signature database is just below that. (on misc, about).

Right, I’ve tried re-installing, copying & pasting bases.cav (oddly there already was a bases.cav in scanners ???)
in safe mode, & still without any joy.

Incidently my database version is :1039

What now? - anyone have any ideas?

Are you running Vista Amsterdamse Hamer :wink:

Could you please check the following folders if so:

c:\users<userid>\appdata\local\virtualstore\program files\comodo\comodo internet security (or firewall pro) ?
(If so please make a note of what the names are).

If there is anything there please close the CIS GUI and after that remove the files from there, now reboot and see if that helps any.

No, I have good old XP. Though not a ‘real’ one :-X

I’ve run out now - of solutions.
I’m dunning no other virus programmes except from windows (firewall), & I have system guard (from system mechanic pro6) running.

Help. I use this scanning option - often, & not having it, I might have to go back to using avast or equilivent :frowning:

Okay for XP there is not “virtualstore”

What i would do is the following, download the latest version of 3.8.x.477 from the site, that should contain a recent AV Database. Uninstall the current one.

Make sure there is nothing left in c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security (or firewall).

Disable System Guard for the install of CIS.

Reboot and install the 3.8.x with the network connection disconnected ! that way you prevent it from trying to update at somepoint. After that update you have to reboot as asked. After that reboot it should become fully operational.

All errors i have seen with av engine not initialized had to do with “corrupt” files on the /scanner folder.

So please do not import an old config, or change anything before checking the AV Engine.