Antivirus engine not initialized

Comodo has recently found out a virus inside an exe. file I had already used ( well…before installing it, I could not find any virus/trojan through Virus Total site…) . Now Icannot run a Comodo viruscan here… I get that msg - Antivirus engine not initialized - every time I want to do it…shall I start immediately a long fight against some unknown malware in my machine that prevents me to run an antivirus scan here? :frowning:

Could you attach that file or send it to dchernyakov [at]

Which file? The ones I suspect could be contaminated I´ve already sent to Comodo for analysis…I want to know what to do now…look for a hidden malware in my pC that is not allowing Comodo Antivirus start before all? Or must I reinstall CIS? ???

Yes that file. There is a small chance that scanning or that file has damaged scanner engine. I don’t think so bu i’d like to check it just in case.
Could you tell me is cmdagent process is running?
Have you also run diagnostics at Miscellaneous → Diagnostics ? It could fix the problem

If nothing helped - try to reinstall Anti-virus(from uninstall menu uncheck Anti-virus, apply and then check it again and apply) If you think your system is infected - you could switch to Proactive Defense mode before uninstallation(Defense+ can block even unknown threat)

If even that would not help - try to re-install entire CIS

Thanks for your reply…well, I´m puzzled now…I could uninstall and reinstall CSI easily however…do you think it´s a localized problem, I mean, only Comodo could be damaged by that unexpected virus inside a file VirusTotal site “says” is “clean”? As a matter of fact, Comodo has not told me its name…now it´s gone…I don´t know what possible harm it has caused…what I know is that that file, with a virus inside, had been already executed…It´s a big risk to mask the problem - the high possibility of getting an infected machine - by reinstalling CSI, huh? javascript:void(0);

If the virus was already executed - it is already missed by anti-virus, and also there is not much protection from broken scanner. Re-installing anti-virus will be safe if you disable network connection, switch to Proactive Defense configuration and set Defense+ security mode to paranoid. There will be much alerts - you can allow application you know and block all suspicious ones.

(:WAV) Hey, im also getting this “antivirus engine not initialized” error everytime i ty and update or scan my computer, i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the antivirus. i see the last post was 3 days ago im just wondering if you managed to fix it, how?, i have used comodo for ages and never had a problem until now. any help much appreciated :■■■■

Sorry, my PC was off here…I´m gonna start to clean it from now…I´ll tell you what happened asap,ok? Wish me good luck! :-[

Well, after running Avira in safe mode, here what I´ve got:
contained a virus or unwanted program ‘TR/Vundo.SOO’ [trojan]
contained a virus or unwanted program ‘TR/Vundo.SOO’ [trojan]
contained a virus or unwanted program ‘TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen’ [trojan]
contained a virus or unwanted program ‘TR/Vundo.SOO’ [trojan]
contained a virus or unwanted program ‘BDS/Graybird.MT’ [backdoor]
contained a virus or unwanted program ‘BDS/Graybird.MT’ [backdoor]

After deleting them, I reinstalled Comodo, however with no antivirus because I decided to try Avira…but my PC is not ok…XP crashes from time to time and I´m still running after an explanation…guess I´ll have to post another topic at Virus/Malware Removal Assistance section, huh? :frowning:
Anyway, I wanna thank you all for your attention… :slight_smile:

Is any one ever going to answer this problem???

This has been an issue on my system since I first installed Comodo AV, and no one has ever dealt with this problem.
I have tried a lot of AV software on this system and non have found any virus or maulware, But Comodo will not initialize the AV Engine. And I have no log files to find the problem with.
This happens almost every time the “bases.cav” is updated.

Is there a service that is installed for the AV system to run, The only Service on my system for Comodo is “COMODO Internet Security Helper Service” - “cmdagent.exe”.

(this system)
MS WinXPP sp2 x64

Are you using any other anti-virus security software?

No , not at this time. The others I have tried had worse Glitches and greater problems, mostly demanding way to much resources.

Comodo CIS runs greatly and demands a lot less resources than any other I have tried on this system, Win XP x64.
The only problems that I have are this:

  • After Update process, some times the base file is corrupted and I need to boot into safe mode and change the file from the Repair folder
  • The other problem is the system locks up some times when the “Defense +” pop up is in High Severity mode, forcing me to reboot.

One of the main issue is that I have to demand a Scan to find out that the file is corrupted. Some kind of monitor for the file would be better as long as the resource requirement is not over done.
Next is to figure out what is calling the lockup when the High Severity mode happens, some times I am able to Kill the processes involved, but not every time.

I have recently got the Windows 7 x64 beta and going to try Comodo on it, I will publish the reactions as soon as I have them.