??? Please help, i cant find anywhere on the comodo firewall main page to do the on demand virus scan ? I have the free comodo internet security bundle. and whe i do a right click on any drives or folders and highlight the scan with comodo antivrus prompt it just says antivirus engine is not initialized. ? Please help !!!

The same tihing happens to me everytime I make a clean installation of CIS 3.8. Don’t know why. however, to enable the right click scan, you can try this: begin a complete system scan (on the antivirus window click on “run a scan” - “my computer”- “scan”). It’s not necessary that you complete the entire scan. Then reboot windows. Now the right click scan should work (at least for me it works).

yeah thats the problem, i have no antivirus window ! its just, summary, firewall, and defense, and misc. ???

Well in that case, I suggest you to uninstall and make a new clean installation of CIS. During the installation remember to select the option to install the antivirus if you want to use it.

a few words just to confirm that your suggestion has worked for me either.
CIS 3.8 and WinXP SP2 here;
The AV scanner via context menu didn’t start, got “Antivirus engine not initialized” message instead.
Made an incomplete scan via “run a scan”.
Right click scan works.

Many thanks to you davidepi


You can try this tip: .