Antivirus Dr.Web found adware in

The antivirus Dr.Web find adware in - Adware.Msearch.122. It`s realy?
(V) (CNY)

OMG of course not. Its called a false positive.

Dr.Web, Kaspersky & NOD32.

Hmmm… False Postives…

Hello, The alert is because of the OPTIONAL tool bar the is included with the new CPF (YOU DONT HAVE TO USE IT) it is nothing to worry about, you can read this thread to find out more about it.

Reading that I ran a scan of the installer just now with NOD32 3.0.650 with Advanced Heuristics ON and Symantec AV corp. with Bloodhound heuristics set at High. Both products’ virus definitions are up to date. Nothing came up.