Antivirus does not detect viruses after sending file to comodo

Good Morning,

I created another post, as I made the mistake of appending malware.
As I had said, I had submitted some 15 malware, after weeks, the comodo still does not detect.

Why does this occur?

I submitted by Comodo itself, will it be a bug? Or is it correct via the Comodo website?

I’ll be putting SHA1 here

I would like to contribute to make the anti-virus become the best, as the firewall already is.

Thank you


Now most are detected.

But malware is detected by Comodo virus (Total Virus).

In the Comodo software installed on my PC (which I just updated) does not detect.

How can this be?


Hello Felipe2014,

Please try deleting all you files listed in “File Rating>File List” and also try to make sure the sample is not listed under “Excluded Applications” then try scanning the sample again.

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Hello FloorinG,

Deleting “File Classification> File List” solved the problem.

But I did not add the file there.

How can it be automatically added?

The only thing I did was send it to Comodo via software, did that make it marked as trusted?

Thank you

SHA1 b0f420ed5bcf7239d60608bcf19e995670e34a7a

not detected by Comodo


Thank you for reporting this, we’ll check it.

Kind Regards,
Erik M.