Antivirus does not autoupdate.. very very disappointing

I have the latest version of comodo internet security installed with antivirus and firewall. It says the database auto updates every 30 minutes but it doesn’t. The pop up that comes saying the database is updating no longer comes. Yesterday i waited and waited and nothing shows. I thought it auto updated without me knowing but when i clicked update virus database it updated. I only have spywareblaster and malwarebytes installed. There should be no conflicts. I have tried uninstalling with revo and reinstalling but nothing works. I am very confused and need help. Thanks.

Please tell me a fix. It used to work before but then it just stopped.
Current version of CIS: 3.10.102363.531

Hi portage, welcome to the forums.

Ah… the alert update notifications. Erm, yes… well… it was silenced because it was driving everybody crazy constantly popping up apparently. So, I guess the answer is that it was stopped on purpose due to user demand. The update itself still happens of course, it just doesn’t notify you any more.

umm… well… i kind of liked it because atleast i knew it was updating. Are you 100% sure that it was silenced? If that is true then thanks for the help

You should be able to bring it back by checking the box for Display Balloon Messages.

From the GUI or Shield right click on Taskbar. No?

i believe i did that but i still don’t see the update thing. Im not 100% sure. If the autoupdate is silenced then its fine but no one is 100% sure. If it is not working there is no point for me having antivirus even on because manual updating is annoying

Before I believe you couldn’t turn it off, the fix was that now you could.

I think you only get the balloon when there is an update taking place and another that it has been updated.Not every time it checks.

I still have them on XP x32 and Win7 x64, and can enable disable with the previously mentioned check box.


well no worries the only way i will know is the signature. In about you can see the current signature. If the auto update does work then the next update should show a signature change. If it does not then auto update is broken. :frowning:

1809 at this minute.

1813 now. Remember that you can also see the AV database last update date & time on the CIS main summary page. That’s where I usually look to ensure that the AV updates are progressing.

the antivirus autoupdate is busted. It stayed at 1809 then when i clicked update it did. So when you guys silenced the reminder you must have busted the autoupdate. Oh well, i guess it’s time to uninstall comodo antivirus

You have probably checked this already portage, but I discovered yesterday that if my “automatically update before scanning” in scanner settings is not checked it will not auto update at all.


jasper it is checked of in real time. So if it is checked of in real time it should work

It should, I was just making sure ;D


okay but it’s not working and now another problem something about failed to update check internet connection. I just uninstalled comodo antivirus and installed avast. Im still using comodo firewall though

Disable Avast & then try it. Avast puts proxies into the mix.