Antivirus Detection

Comodo scores 99,8 % in the latest AV test. It seems that Comodo becomes better and better and in zero day unbeatable. So why many reviewers say Comodo is worse i think that their testing skills need to be urgent updated.

COMODO has been years ahead of others in protecting PCs the way AVs should be but unfortunately reviewers have not told the truth to public!

here is one example: Because other companies make money, they employ people to spread lies and mis information. Here is the latest example of one of these guys even coming to our forum to spread lies. This guy was working for Avast.

Of course ordinary public fall for these mis information because they are not technically savvy.

I like NSA/CIA Testing Labs rewiews !!! In this case independent, technically very versed and completely free !!! :-TU

Sometimes they are a bit shy about publishing their test results and other people have to help and give support to accomplish that ! :azn:

LOL…us paranoid ■■■■■■■■!!! :slight_smile: