antivirus definitions as trusted files

Hello all:
I’m running Avast with Comodo firewall and defense+. Each time Avast updates the virus definitions (once or twice daily), it adds the definitions file to the trusted files database which starts to become large quick. There are two files each time in the avast/defs/[date] folder: algo.dll and algo64.dll. I assume it is safe to delete all of these old definitions just to clean the trusted files list up a little? Or, is there something different I should be doing?
Also, with my combination, I have defense+ running and Avast real time shields off. Is this correct (I didn’t think I woudl want to HIPS systems running, and Comodo’s seemed to be the better).


Reading a little further on the forums, seems Avast is a mixed bag among CIS users. Should I scrap Avast all together? I’ve liked it so far, and I don’t have any compatibility problems with it or SAS, other than the definition files bloating my trusted files list.
Correction to previous post: “woudl want to HIPS systems running” should be “would want two HIPS systems running” (not enough coffee)

Hello yaziron,

If you have Comodo Firewall defense/sandbox with Avast 5, Your A OK
If you have Comodo Internet Security (Firewall/AV/Defense+/Sandbox) with Avast 5 then you need to disable CIS AV Component (Right click CIS icon > Antivirus Security Level > Disabled)

You should be able to ‘purge’ the trusted files list and this will remove any invalid items

Hope this helps!


Try adding avast/defs/* to your Trusted Files and see if that does the trick.