Antivirus dead after update

After Comodo update (to 4.0.14182.828) the antivirus part ceases to function.

According to Comodo diag tool there is no error and the main page says nothing about
antivirus being down. However, when I try to run a scan I get “Antivirus engine not initialized”
This is quite serious as this means the protection goes away without the user being given any
that files he/she is accessing are no longer scanned.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Update Comodo
  2. Reboot / Shutdown.
  3. Try to run a scan.

I have also tested restoring back from a previously created disk image file without success.

System: Windows 7 X64 Premium
Account type: regular.

Best regards.

this is why we recommend doing a clean uninstall and re-installing when updating the program. I would recommend using revo uninstaller set to moderate or this file to clean your system after uninstalling CIS, then download a fresh installer and reinstall.