Antivirus Database Offline Updater

First of all I want to ask, if I’m allowed to release the current version of the big Scanner/Database-File (~100MB “bases.cav”) of Comodo Internet Security (Antivirus)?
If I’m allowed to, I would like to release my 7zip SFX of this file… If not, tell me!

This is a preview of the updater

I would like to do this, because many people worry about very long update procedure… up to an hour… and also because of this long procedure sometimes updater failes, also it would be possible then, to update offline

EDIT: I thought it would be easier to update the definitions, but the file is locked… so my updater wouldnt work. But maybe comodo could create a offline updater sometimes?

Take a look at COMODO Offline Updater Released .

Also check out:;msg330162#msg330162 .