Antivirus consumes CPU time on idle

I disabled build cache when idle.
Cloud disabled.
No automatic scan enabled.
Only kept enabled optimize performance of the on demand.

Every day when the computer ran alone for a while there are around 8 minutes of cpu time registered to the comodo antivirus process.
Before this happens, there are just seconds.
Once after each update this happens when the computer runs alone.

So what does it do?

Now i have the proof that comodo is scanning on its own when computer is idle, even though i havent any scan profile active. And creating cache when idle is disabled.
It found a false positive in a large game folder.
So, why does it scan each day when the computer is idle?

Could someone check his antivirus process in taskmanager before it gets reset by an update? For the symptoms.

Dont know why there is no reply about this.

Is this forum dead or something?

What does cavwp.exe do each day for 8 minutes if the computer is idle?