antivirus conflict


I recently installed on my computer running windows 8, Avira freeware Antivirus and Comodo Free Firewall, only the free firewall (without comodo antivirus).
Then I found listed in action center > security, the Comodo Antivirus displayed in this section as being present and turned off .
My question is whether this comodo antivirus listed there it is installed or it is active on the computer, as with all I just installed only the firewall.
From Comodo Free Firewall general settings > configuration, Comodo Internet Security and Proactive Security appears to be inactive, and comodo antivirus which is specified as a spyware protection app, appears in action center to be turned off.
My concern is whether these two antivirus programs (comodo and avira) may conflict with each other.

Please advice me if is any danger in this configuration.

Thank you.

No response at all ?
I really want to know if I have any conflict between computer antivirus.

If only at installation you chose Comodo FW, AV Comodo shouldn’t be active.
You can check.
The installed programs - CIS - Press to change.
And you will see what modules at you are established.

P.S. But in Avira I would use only the AV module.

I am also using CFW with a free AV. Do not worry, they won’t conflict with each other.
by the way your combo is really powerful with Comodo Firewall :-TU

Similar question:
installed only firewall (in Installed programs - CIS - checked only firewall) but i have Comodo antivirus pop-up with message “Malware stopped” (in russian).
When I unchecked “use cloud detect” then no more messages but file still blocked.
How to disable Comodo antivirus totally?

.....but file still blocked.
HIPS. Protection can block the file. It is included in FW package. If you are sure of safety of the file that add in the entrusted.

HIPS disabled.
How can i install ONLY firewall, without any hips, antivirus, geekbuddy etc?

HIPS, Sandbox - is disconnected in settings.
Geekbuddy - is removed a mark at installation.

I did this but why file still blocked?

Check up all the records.

Look magazines.

its empty.