Antivirus configuration missing


I just added the Antivirus component via a add/remove components to the firewall.
All seems to be going well, I just noticed that I don’t have the “Antivirus configuration” in the configuration menu, which is shown in the help files.
Did anything go wrong during the installation?


Does it show when you right click on the CIS shield in the systray (right lower corner)? What version of CIS are you using?

No, it’s not.
I am using the latest version.
Yet all seems to perform as expected, and since I’m using “proactive” I’m not missing anything.
Just wondering why it wouldn’t show.


If you have all modules installed you will not have the configuration.

Here’s my configurations with Comodo Internet Security installed.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yep, that’s what mine looks like too,
So, I’m good to go.

Thanks again

totally did not know i could do that thank you for showing me that i wish i would have known about this before it would have saved me alot of time----------sorry about the off topic post i could not help it