Antivirus certification

What certifications has Comodo been tested and ranked with?

I did not notice Comodo listed on West Coast Labs. Is Comodo anti virus actually based on another product name or is there a place where Comodo antivirus has been tested and the results can be compared?

Comodo AV is not based on any other product. The engine is unique to Comodo.
The current version has not been tested at any outside lab at this time.


But, then how can anyone really know if the product is really good or not? Just because they say so?

The products seems really nice, but how can they assure me it will do what it promises, and is worth using and promoting?

Welcome to the Forum, btw, Megabytecoffee.

Yes, it is worth using and promoting.
And since prevention is the basis of a secure system, CIS won’t let you down.

Ummm… er… well… not so much… that is, sort of. I don’t know of one would call it a “lab” in the sense that I suspect the thread-starter had in mind, but an independent group that is certainly respected has conducted at least three tests of Comodo that I know of, off hand.

In one test of how Comodo did in detecting the Conflicker B worm, it didn’t fare well.

However, in a subsequent test of Comodo detecting the Conflicker C worm, it did just fine.

And Comodo did extremely well in a more generalized test… was even among the “System Rescued” award recipients.

I, too, share the thread-starter’s concerns… and have expressed as much elsewhere around here. Comodo’s anti-virus component is CIS’s least mature (of its three components). Its virus database is still being built and, what the heck, it may miss something now and then which others don’t (though, that certainly wasn’t the case in the aforementioned generalized test, for whatever that’s worth).

However, as CIS is, itself, a product which protects from different angles, it is the combined use of all its parts which provides security even from exploits which may be as yet unknown to the anti-virus component via its database. If the anti-virus component database lacks something, the anti-virus’s heuristics should at least sense something amiss (though that is clearly CIS’s weakest thing at the moment). If heuristics misses it, then there is an element which protects against buffer overflow exploits (which are among the most common); and the “Defense+” component will keep all else that is bad from launch attempts… at least without you knowing about it and being able to stop it first if you want to.

Taken as a whole, CIS is a force with which to be reckoned… even if its virus database, and maybe also its heuristics (at least for now), may or may not be quite ready for prime time.

Comodo’s head honcho, though, to his credit, has pledged to take those concerns off the table by later in 2009… for which I’m eagerly waiting… as is most of the rest of the security community (much of which has a “yeah, right… we’ll see” sort of attitude about it).

And so we will see. Until then, I, for one, trust CIS… that is, taken as a whole!

Just my $.02 worth. Hope it helps.