Antivirus can't treat viruses

I had installed these products. But I found out, that some programs can’t connect to Internet, because of Antispam. Perhaps it is blocking some ports. That’s why I had to uninstall it. The story with antispam is as follows. I’ve caught a virus Virus.Win32.Sality.p . Antivirus Comodo found it, but could nothing to do with it except put infected files to quarantine. It can’t treat them of course. It put all the files to quarantine and windows itself was almost destroyed by the Comodo Antivirus. It also put to quarantine some files from Comodo Antispam. I had to install Kaspersky Lab antivirus, which could coupe with such situation without any problems. But since that time my e-mail clients can’t connect to the pop server to download my e-mail. The issue is that comodo products made worse the situation. The only thing that helped me is Comodo Firewall. I blocked all the activities on my computer and downloaded another antivirus. :slight_smile:

CAVS 2 is beta and it’s really not the best antivirus available. CAVS 3 should be a different story :SMLR (B)