Antivirus can't start in a secure mode

I can’t start the scan in a secure mode. It says that has something with the interface. Is there a way to start the scan in a secure mode? Thx!

what is secure mode?

when I reboot into the secure mode (msconfig → Boot.ini → safe boot → minimal)

Hi mahler,
Open Windows Task manager, choose File (New task), browse direct to Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security click on cmdagent then open and OK.
This should force cmdagent to start so a scan can take place.

sorry but it still doesn’t work

Sorry that has not worked for you.
Does cmdagent start or is it refusing to start?

it is refusing to start. It shows the message about some kind of interface that is not beeing supported. It is the same message whether I start the scan from the console or from task manager.

this issue occurs both in XP and Win 7

I suggest you take cce since it will be able to scan and when that is done you should take CAV database in order t avoid 80-90mb download.

Mahler my apologies, the suggestion I made does not work correctly as I have also tried it on my other system with failed results.
Sorry for any inconvenience. :-[

You can start a scan in Safe Mode by using the right click in Explorer if I recall correctly. Select the drive or folder you want to scan → click right → choose “Scan with COMODO Antivirus”.