Antivirus block my browser

I’ve update CIS and antivirus signature (3.8.65951.477 - 1005). Now the antivirus block files like jquery.js (a safe file) and some temporary files in my firefox cache. How is possible? the pc is clean (tetsted with kaspersky online scanner and malwarebytes).

I guess the heuristic part is kicking in; it is still a bit too enthusiastic. Try setting it to low or disable it for now until 3.9 comes with beter heuristics.

:frowning: :-[
Comodo AV broke my game website! It showed one .js file asa virus and now the folders one the Homepage don’t work anymore.
Please fit this Asap or show a way to make it work again. I already reinstalled Java and Shockwave but this don#t helps. As much as i like comodo, if they don’t fix this i change my security suite…there are enough alternatives around… Outlook for example. And yes, i don’t mind to pay for a product if it works better then… after testing it ofc.

Thanks for the advice. I have disabled the heuristic option (Off) and the problem persist. When a open some of my sites based on Wordpress platform that use ajax component, the antivirus block them (some files generated in Firefox’s cahche) like unclassifiedmalware@8362428. If i select ignore the admin back-end starts. Sometimes the icon for image upload are lost. Repeat, I did a full scan of my pc with Kaspersky Online scanner and Malwarebytes and the pc is 100% clean. I hope I have explained the problem.
Bests regards.