Antivirus archieve scanning

IN antivirus the sacnner setting of archives raised from default to higher value say 100MB but it is not scanning the 30 MB winrar archieve in CIS 4.0.x. It looks it as a single file. May be this exists in 4.1 as well.

and it doesnt scan archived vpk files from steam games.

it says (after a too long time pretending to scan): 0 files scanned, no virus found

vpk files are the usual form of (mod) files that you download yourself for steam games. if theres a virus in it:
“goodbye account” or “omg, i am banned”

this is one of the reasons why i uninstalled comodo av each time after a short testing time.

CIS will not scan all types of archives. Not a huge deal because it will scan the files in the archive when accessed/decompressed.

Does anyone know all of the different archive types that Comodo Antivirus is supposed to be able to scan?

well, the big deal is, comodo is telling me “NO Virus found”… even if it, like you said, “doesnt scan all types of archieves”.
and when i remember right, it failed to scan these vpk files at all. at least from what i could see after more than a minute “scanning”, in the displayed amount (0) of scanned files.
avira needed just a few seconds and was done with it.

for me its a big deal when i dont have any chance to know if i put a “bad guy” into my steam game.

It would still be caught if it was run.

Good question. I’ve never seen any word one way or the other what it will or will not scan. Last time I tested over a year ago, it wouldn’t scan .rar and .7z files. I haven’t tried scanning either of those recently.

Yes, as with other portions of CIS, the wording is a bit misleading. If it doesn’t actually scan anything, it shouldn’t tell you that no virus was found. The scanning engine should tell you if no scan actually occurred.

As I mentioned earlier, when the archived is accessed/decompressed, (Ran as mentioned by Chiron) the files inside will be scanned. When a file runs, it will need to either load into RAM or write to the HD. CIS is watching both of these processes. A file is inert if it is sitting inside an archive and is no harm to your system.

How can I disable scanning archives in real-time ?
I see that option for scheduled and manual scan.

I’m having problems when downloading torrents with large number of archives in torrent.
At some point torrent stops downloading because some other app (only one that can be is Comodo because I’m not using anything else) is using those archives.

Your only option would be to add the archive extension to the exclusion list with a wildcard. Something like *.zip.

Assuming the real-time scanning engine obeys the exclusion list. I would assume so, but I’ve never tested that. Exclusions have been funky in the past, so it’s anybodies guess.

Great tip, tnx.
It’s not easy to test but will let you know if it helped.
What confuses me is that option to disable archive scanning exists but not for real-time which is somewhat weird.

It’s not really weird because 99.99% of the users of the software will want archives scanned in real-time. Not scanning archives with the scheduled scans will save on system resources with no threat to system security. Anything in the archive is inert until access.

However, if you choose not to scan an archive in real-time, you are putting yourself at a bit more of a risk. If you don’t allow CIS to scan an archive in real-time, you are counting on it being able to stop whatever malware may be lurking there when it tries to run. Whereas if the real-time scan is enabled and you view the contents of the archive, CIS might catch the malware before you even attempt to run it because it scanned the file when you viewed it.

It’s just another layer of security. It’s always better to head stuff off before it has a chance to run, but that’s just a best case scenario because more often than not you don’t get that chance.

Agreed. I said weird because that option is there for manual and scheduled scans, and because I see Comodo highly configurable I would expect that option for real-time too. I really don’t see why not.
Besides, there are so much layers behind that option even if there is malware in archive.
I would not mind that at all, but as I’m having problems described earlier only option I see is adding *.rar to exclusions and see if that would help.

Comodo Antivirus currently doesn’t scan archives in real time. The contents will only be scanned if they are run or if you scan them manually.

Or if you browse the archive.