Antivirus always block files despite it is disabled

Hi, I have CIS version and I have a problem I do not remember having this problem before.
Despite Antivirus (and to be sure also Auto Containment, HIPS and VirusScope) is disabled, I am not able to run any exe that are detected as virus. When I try to execute them the usual Malware stopped toast notification appears. I have to kill all the Comodo processes in memory in order to start these exe.
Comodo says it is disabled but it still blocks exe. Is this a bug or is this me?

Many thanks for your suggestions.

Most likely a cloud rating detection, just add application to scan exclusions.

Thanks for the advice. I tried also to disable cloud protection. I found that I have now a different behaviour after having restored the default configuration by importing the stock config files in the Comodo folder. Now it seems to block and ask if it is enabled or let it go and ask if it is disabled.
Completely different than before, since I always receive now a notification with ignore, ignore and block, ignore and add to exclusions, that I has never received in the past, no matter what kind of parameters I was setting in the preferences.
I find strange that it still ask for ignoring when the antivirus is disabled and the program has already been executed, but at least I can live with it. It would be great if when one says “antivirus disabled” it was really stopping to check files. :wink:

Thanks for your help.