Antivirus alert

Hi. I want to show you(please rate my idea) my version of AV alert.
I really like MSE alerts.
And i think that will be compromise for all AV alerts proposals (show all options: clean, disinfect, quarantine, show full path of file). IMO these alerts should be discreet(appears bottom right of screen) and when you click “more” you will see more options, short info.
I made this pictures by Paint, and they’re horrible
, i know :stuck_out_tongue:
But these pictures should shown you my idea.
Sorry for my language and bad quality of pics.

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Definitely like this :-TU

The only problem I have is the wording Comodo chose. “Clean” should be replaced with “Delete”. They should never have changed it. It can be confusing. Everyone knows what Delete means, but not so for Clean.

but generally like? I think the same way


Yes, definitely! :-TU :-TU Except for the wording (Clean), your concept is much better.


i like the idea a lot but i cannot rate it cuz you dint make the poll

i added a poll, so now you can vote.

bump :-La

I like your alert design too [image 4] :-TU


I too have raised this point so many times

Agreed! ;D :-TU