Antivirus Alert & Scan Results Window Poll.

As you guys know Clean & Disinfect in CIS does the same functions i.e deletes the detected things. This is dangerous for majority of users i.e Average Users & even Expert Users have deleted things thinking Clean will try to Clean/Heal the things detected. The word “Clean” is confusing for users, especially Average Users. And I dont know why “Disinfect” is there in the Menu when it too deletes the file as Clean does.

I have posted on this in various CIS Threads and CIS Wishlists Thread and asked the Devs if they are going to change this or not but didn’t got any reply from the Devs. Users replied in my favour and mentioned that they too deleted the things thinking Clean & Disinfect will try to Repair or Heal the file.

I am taking this Poll to know what the majority of users think. The options are there. So Your Vote & Comments Please.


I would like to see both delete and quarantine there.

Personally I never quarantine given a choice. I would much rather delete the malware. Why leave something dangerous on my hard drive?

thats coz you are an expert user and you know what the detected threats are. but average users when they see thier antivirus application has detected something they just look for the quarantine button. they are too scared to delete something coz they cannot verify if the detected threat is a real threat or false positive.


I support Naren’s contention.

Quarantine (which I assume to be file encryption) should be quite safe whilst affording the reassurance that the file could be restored if it should not have been removed. Deletion could be too final for less experienced users.

I will lock the poll when RC 2 is released.


Acid clean too. :wink:

RC 2 is Coming Soon & the Poll will be locked. So Keep Voting Guyz.

Each Vote is Precious. Your Vote can get our fair demand fulfilled from comodo.

Thanxx for Your Precious Time & Vote.

sWindow should be bigger…

This monday either RC 2 or Final & the poll will be locked so keep voting.


Final is still scheduled for September 1.

Ok, I will lock the poll on Sep 1 when the final is released.


i know this probably isn’t the right place to ask this question but i need some help, and you guys seem like your knowledgeable enough to steer me in the right direction, im pretty well ahead of most computer users but im very inexperienced with any anti virus stuff, i have an anti virus alert (Name: UnclassifiedMalware@88367669 Location: F:\Rebit\d…{f8020f7d-3ee3-48f6-95a5-6d528a5f7cdd} ) that keeps popping up about every 30 seconds, i quarantine and remove it but it still pops up, what should i do?

Go to the Virus/Malware Removal Assistance board and scan your computer as described in one of the two sticky topics and report back in a new topic in that board.