Antivirus Alert Question

I did a test with the Eicar test file. When I Cleaned the file, I thought something was wrong until I read the following in the user manual.

Clean - Disinfects the file if a disinfection routine exists. If no routine exists for the file then it will be moved to Quarantine.

I looked in quarantine and the file wasn’t there as it was in V5. So indubitably, a disinfection routine exists in V6.

Here’s my question. Is it possible for a false positive to have a disinfection routine that would prevent you from restoring a file?

Quite possible. Now that I think about it, if it does disinfect and FP could make the program corrupted.

CIS 6 does not cure a virus .( And good.) As with previous releases.
It is not designed to treat. It is for the safety of the system.
There are no options in the settings- To ask to Treat.
The instructions I do not see - to treat.

If push in alert - Clean, it always sends the quarantine.

Why do you have a CIS 6 it is not in quarantine ---- it is question.

I it is time to check for CIS 5.10 and everything is in quarantine and has been sent. (Writes - sent when you send).
I checked again.

I did some more testing and found out that the problem only happens for me on XP SP3 while using Comodo Dragon.

With CD open I choose to download one of the SSL Eicar test files, and select clean on the AV alert. This is where I normally see the file moved to quarantine. Instead, the file is downloaded intact to the hard drive.

If I scan or attempt to extract the test file on my hard drive, and select clean on the AV alert, the file is moved to quarantine as expected.

Comodo Dragon Version
Comodo Internet Security 6.1.276867.2813