AntiVirus Alert Heur.Suspicious@102797829

I have encountered a problem.

I am using Windows Home Edition with SP3. CIS is ver.4.1083377.779 with AV database 4436.

I have SuperAntispyware, and CIS placed the SuperAntispyware.exe file in “My Own Safe Files” during installation. After upgrading the software to the latest version today, I would get the Comodo AntiVirus Alert (Heur.Suspicious@102797829) during Windows bootup. Adding the file to “My Own Safe Files” (where there is already a similar file) does not correct the situation; I still get the alert at bootup. Removing the old file from and clicking “Ignore” to add the same file to “My Own Safe Files” would see the file quarantined as well.

SuperAntispyware is a trustworthy programme which I have been using for quite some time, and I strongly believe that the alert is a false positive.

I wish to have this situation fiexed. However, I have no means to upload the SuperAntispyware.exe file for submission to Comodo using the recommended false-positive submission format.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Hi Librax,

Thanks for reporting.We will check that and get back to you


I assume that the problem is that it is too large. If you find that you need to send them the exact then you can upload it to a site called

This can handle files up to 300MB. The download link can then be sent to Comodo at

Hi Librax,

The false-positive was fixed with antivirus database 4441. You can update and confirm.


Thanks. Problem resolved.