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I’m using comodo CIS 5.10 and it does detect false positives wich are being removed to quarantaine. I remember from earlier versions there was a way to tell CIS to ignore the detection. Where can I retrieve that setting?

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Hi freddy P,
You could submit the files to Comodo for analysis from the quarantine screen, if they are found to be safe they will be add to Comodos Safe list (White list).

If you are certain the files are safe and are going to remain that way you could restore them from quarantine, then add them to the AV exclusions.
Please note: Files in the exclusions list are exempt from any type of future scans until they are removed from that list.
Quarantined Items Help
Antivirus Exclusions Help


Thanks for the respons but I can’t select that, the false positives are being automatically moved to a quarantaine folder. As administrator I can’t controll the behaviour of comodo AV. Some time ago I could still tell the AV to ignore, to send to comodo, to delete, to move or to add to a personal white list (if I remember correctly). Is there a setting in the realtime tab that I’m overlooking or is it something else?

Open the CIS interface by clicking on the COMODO icon in your system tray. Navigate to the Antivirus tab, from there find the “Quarantined Items” option. Using that you can/should be able to find the options you are looking for.

Unless, of-course, I misunderstood your question.

[Edit]: From the Antivirus tab you can also find the “Scanner Settings” option. By opening that menu you can tell CIS to stop quarantining files.

That didn’t do the trick neither. I remember that there was an option like this:

My only choices are to chose between ‘GeekBudy-help’ or ‘To solve it myself’. After I chose myself CIS gives me no options at all, it automatically blocks them. (I can set the behaviour in controlpannel to block or quarantaine)

Thanks for the respons anyway.

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just uncheck the box in the antivirus scanner settings “Do not show antivirus alerts” and you will get the alert you were describing

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Thank you Wasgij6, that was the thing I was looking fore.

I’m using CIS for 2 years and I am realy happy with it, especially the flexibility of the program.

no problem, im glad that you fixed the problem