Antivirus 1.1 Beta interferes with T-DSL Manager 6.0!

Dear Sirs,
yesterday I tried your fre AV software. It installed ok. (WXP Pro, all service packs and all hot fixes, my IP provider is German Telekom, which has a tool on my system called T-DSL Manager with which i can get info re. my connection, up and downloads etc.).
AT the next reboot and after I looged in, the system only came up about half through my startup programs, then hang. The T-DSL Speed manager showed a box saying that it found a problem with a software on my system and to fix the problem I should uninstall the TDSL manager (!!, funny). Also noteworthy is that my firewall, the NFORCE4 hardware one, did not start up either.
I booted into safe mode and tried to activate the AV software with Nna7qqo971UG3HAk, but was told that this is not the right code. This is what I received by mail.
To fix the situation I had to use the WXP restore feature to get back to the point where AV was not on my system.
It would be nice to know what the intererence here was!!

Thanks a lot

And have a happy new year!


Thank you for your interest in testing Comodo Antivirus Beta software. Comodo Antivirus 1.1 beta is an older beta version that is available to everyone. However there are newer beta versions that are available to all forum members. You may wish to try out the newer beta software and see if this resolves your issues. Please click the link below to get more information on the latest beta.

Comodo Antivirus Beta