Please help me.
I have something my system tray.
When i clicks it goes to
I never installed it.
Iam not able to track its process.
So i cant terminate it

arjunpa it would be so polite to make your own topic instead of posting your problem here :-\

But maybe SUPERAntiSpyware can help you. It claims it can remove the antivirgear pest :

Greetz, Red.

I have moved this topic from the ‘tell us your views’ board to this more appropriate board, Thanks for the PM Red.

arjunpa, please let us know if you try Red’s suggestion and if it works.


There is a AntiVirGear removal guide at BC.

AntiVirGear Removal Guide

Hope this helps

Please include antivirgear malware in CAVS so that it can detect it…

another annoying taskbar hijacker antivirgear. actually taskbar alerts are promoting this rogue spyware protection software.
a free removal tool is located here:
also check for automated antivirgear removal tool.

Antivirgear is not istalled in my PC.
The problem is that an animating question mark like figure appears in my system tray.
When i clicks it,it opens to

I have installed Superantispyware and i scanned my system with it.
it detected a file called ‘System32.exe’.I thought It may be false and i didnt remove it.I tried to uninstall Superantispyware and it is not uninstalling.An error appears-'Error 1722.It says that there is a problem with the windows installer package.A program runas part of the setup did not finish as expected.Contact support personnel or package vendor.

Now what should i do?

Yes, that is not antivirgear for sure - it is Zlob Trojan generating fake alerts that tour system is unsecure and redirects you to antivirgear website to make a purchase. But don’t do that!
Istead, see my post above and try either free smitfraudfix removal which is reliable and secure. Or try automated removal method at

I have blocked it using startguard.
My next problem is that superspyware is not uninstalling as i mentioned in my previous post.
Any ideas?