Antivir can't update, only updates in "Allow all" (No rules blocking it)

I’m using CPF and Avira Antivir, but even though Antivir is set to “allowed” in all instances in the application monitor it won’t update when the security level is “Custom”. Setting it to “Allow All” will allow the update, so it must be CFP that is blocking it.
Do I need any other rules to allow Antivir to update itself without me changing the security level?

If you edit application monitor rules for the Antivir files and select ‘allow all activities for this application’ it should work after that. Not sure if you need to restart the firewall before the change kicks in.


Hiya mate,i have av classic and cpf running and this is what i have in application monitor.It still asks to be allowed to update but this is no problem for me,if you tick box saying remember my answer it shouldn`t ask.This is just my preferance

application dest port protocol permission

1 avgnt.exe [any] [any] TCP/UDP OUT ALLOW

2 avguard.exe [any] [any] TCP/UDP IN ALLOW
3 avguard.exe [any] [any] TCP/UDP OUT ALLOW

4 sched.exe [any] [any] TCP/UDP IN ALLOW
5 sched.exe [any] [any] TCP/UDP OUT ALLOW

Hope this helps,there will be an easy way of doing it but stick with it as cpf rocks.

C ya later matty :■■■■

What you need to allow is update.exe.