AntiVir and COMODO firewall (compatible???)

I have installed AntiVir Personal Edition Classic and COMODO firewall.

When I choose “Block all” in the firewall, the window XP(sp2) first reports a risk that AntiVir Guard is close. Then, (about 1 minute), the AntiVir Guard reports that its status is"unknown"…(not activate and deactivate)…

Is it an error?

How can I solve it? Are the softwares mentioned above compatible?

ps:According to the HELP files in AntiVir, it is an ERROR and it is needed to call the support team.

Hi , antiVir guard requires communication on localhost (18350). This program needs to be allowed at all times.
Hope this helps.

It seems to be the reason why there is an error…
Is there anybody finding the same problem?

tbtb2. no errors here. running same set-up as you, plus bo-clean. tried kav a while back with cpf and that was a disaster. frank.

There must be an error in the anti-virus program, but no error in the firewall…

Maybe the one Borderlinecrazy posted is the most appropriate explaination…

Well, when you set the Firewall to Block All, Antivir cannot connect any longer; it is blocked along with all other traffic.

Thus, based on Borderlinecrazy’s post, the application probably does error out, since it cannot operate the way it ‘needs’ to.

Question: Does the situation automatically rectify itself when you switch FW back to Custom?


The answer:

Then it looks like it’s only a temporary error due to a connectivity issue; it does not shut down the AV application entirely. It would appear that it’s only because of setting the FW to Block All, and not a problem otherwise.


I just want to tell that I’m running the combination AntiVir/BoClean/ComodoPersonalFirewall for months now without problems. Of course I had to allow the internal communication of AntiVir in CPF. The umbrella stays closed when the tray program cannot connect to the AntiVir service. If the service is running, you are protected even when the umbrella is closed.