Do I need to have defense + active and reporting in WSC because I have superantispyware pro running active and avast pro antivirus listed under malware running also, is it okay just to keep the firewall part active?

You should be Ok with D+ running with the firewall.

Thanks but that wasn’t the answer I needed, I need to know if its okay to have all three antispyware & malware running in realtime. Avast has a spyware scanner built in and superantispyware is active and also comodo defense +, I have no slow down but just was wondering is all this necessary.

With the current issues facing the AV portion of CIS, I have disabled it this evening (for now). I re-activated on-access scanning of Avast, keeping the firewall and D+ active also.
I have SAS installed, but use it for on-demand.
I have not experienced issues with this arrangement in the past.
I think you should be Ok with your arrangement also.

Okay, as I stated avast has a built in spyware scanner, I am running SAS active in realtime (the difference with you) and comodo defense + which is three. therefore we are not running the same arrangement but thanks, just a question and some advise I needed, no biggie.

It’s never a good idea to have more than one active scanner going.

In other words, it’s OK to have more than one malware application on your system as long as only one of them is actively scanning.

Three active scanners is asking for trouble if you ask me…

Thanks, that what I needed, well you can no control over avast its in the program and SAS does it job, so I can disable the defense + of comodo, I had before the latest version with no problem. Thanks for all help

D+ is not an AV scanner. It should be very safe to keep it running alongside your AV.

D+ is a HIPS not a scanner and will run alongside either or both your other scanners.Personally if it’s a choice between SAS or Avast running on access you’re best sticking with Avast for it’s greater functionality although you shouldn’t have any issues running SAS alongside it.If you disable D+ you’ll be greatly reducing the overall effectiveness of the product.

Didn’t he say he had three spyware scanners running? Maybe I misread…

I think he was under the impression that D+ is a spyware scanner and was concerned at possible conflicts.

Thanks, Andyman35

Thanks got it, okay D+ is not an AV scanner, I didn’t say it was, we are talking about antispyware & malware, the only av I have is avast but avast also detects spyware but I disabled it and I’m okay with that and I’m well protected. thanks again